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About Pickwick's Portfolio Platform

The concept for this site came from a spreadsheet which was used for many years to manage primarily stock investments. It worked well enough, for a while, but lacked advanced features which couldn't be done in a spreadsheet, or at least not easily. When additional shares were purchased for a security, a manual calculation was performed and never got the average time held correctly. Dividends were logged in comments on cells. An attempt was made to store data for each investment on separate sheets, but that just didn't work out. Stock split? Figure it out by hand. Price updates? Manually entered. And so on.

This portfolio platform aims to simplify the process by doing the previously difficult manual tasks programmatically, leaving the investor to merely enter the data. There is no attempt to link to financial institutions for downloading that data; you can find sites that have this type of feature but we are wary of providing that kind of access to third party websites.